"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, It was loaned to you by your children."

Kent Holdings Ltd. is a global company with a goal to create and promote environmental awareness and support global sustainable development.




AkkuFresh® Nanotech Battery Tune-Up Foil raises the charging ability of the portable device’s battery, helps to maintain an optimal battery life, and accelerates charging time. AkkuFresh® regenerates any worn or deteriorated battery.

Intelligent Water:

ionXtra®-Water technology producing filtered and programmed ionized water, containing active hydrogen, free from heavy metals and poisonous materials. The resultof the application of these technologies is an filtered and programmed alkaline, antioxidant water with a smaller molecule cluster, that builds triple so effective in the human cells, so the hydrating power of these water can be three times the mineral water.


Here we have combined ionXtra®-Water and ionXtra®-Foil technology. These technologies are constantly self-generating negative ions, long wave infrared waves, bioresonance and scalar energy that have good effects on plants by gently absorbing the organic cells, and are effective on the growth of cells and support biochemical functions as well.


ionXtra® Condom with ionXtra®-Derm technology are increases the blood flow and cells activity where it’s needed. The evolution is that ionXtra® Condom doesn’tmanipulate the human body with dangerous side effects, but maintain a harmony that might have been out of balance.


ionXtra®-Textile technology generate on natural way for the human body important negative ions , long wave Infrared waves, bioresonance and scalar energy. Thiseffects helps to maintain balanced health by strengthening the immune system and releasing the energy blocks.


All our ionXtra® Mineral Cosmetic product content ionXtra®-Derm technology which increase the overall health of cells and content selected natural and bio botanicals, to support cellular energy production and stamina by enhancing overall cellular nutrition.


Our next generation of paints and coatings powered by ionXtra®-Paint technology and our new nano could keep electronic device's houses cool down much faster,could create a better environment at home same like in nature, can help create marine life more safe and perform other minor modern miracles by constantly self-generating negative ions , long wave infrared waves, bioresonance and scalar energy that have good effects for human, plant and animal cells.

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